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I'm a Creative art director, designer, thinker, strategic creative, director and people leader. I have been working as a creative for over 16 years with experience in both traditional and digital advertising in some of the leading Canadian advertising agencies. Generating ideas and new concepts is what I’m genuinely passionate about and do best. I like to encourages team members to use their strengths and emerge as leaders themselves.

I’ve been called a responsible creative. I’m not just a ‘big idea’ girl guiding the creative vision doesn’t end at the approval of a concept.

Big ideas can evolve. Inspiring thought and collaboration at every stage of production is the key to producing smart work.

Basically, I’m just a huge nerd (which might surprise a few), passionate about design, who totally digs pushing pixels and making big ideas come to life.

I want nothing more than for my clients to succeed.

I moved to California from Vancouver 5 years ago. I can no longer think of anywhere else where to live.